Italy – Day 6

Tuesday, 20 March


Danieli for pastries and espresso
Back to apartment
Then bus to San Silvestri for lunch – was this where we had issues with the taxi driver?
Back for nap
Gelato shop

For Tuesday did we maybe take the Metro from Policlinco to Termini and change to the A line for
Barberini Station? Was this the day the guy busted the window? We walked from Piazza Barberini maybe in the rain to HostariaRomana. Am I remembering this correctly? For some reason you left early without the check?

The reason we did not take the trolley in the picture was it was full. You had a hot chocolate for breakfast along with raisin Danish. For lunch I had the pasta e fagioli and spezzatino di vitella. This is the place you left the check behind. You signed our names on a wall. I do not remember what dessert we had. I do not remember if we took the bus or taxi home. I do remember we waited a long time at the bus stop. You do have a picture of a dog on public transportation. Was the dog on the subway? That night I had leftovers (sausage and beans) from Armando al Pantheon. Cannot tell what leftovers you are having. After dinner we took the trolley to a gelateria and walked around. Is this the night you had a slice of pizza? Was this the gelateria we liked?