Italy – Day 5

Monday, 19 March


Train to meet Roger’s friends – missed connection.
Picked up at transfer station by aforementioned friends
Cantina – not so successful
Short visit to Francesca and Massimo’s villa – a work in progress, no need to apologize!!
Driven by F & M to an even closer train station to get back to Rome
Roger done for the day
I enjoyed the “me” time, though I wish it hadn’t been at Roger’s expense!

Monday 19 March
After breakfast at Danieli off to the central train station (Termini) to catch a train to Montefiascone. The train was at track 1 est which was a walk and not all undercover. We needed to change trains at some point in the journey. Unfortunately the first train departed Rome late so we missed our connecting train. Massimo, Francesa , and Batei picked us up at the transfer station. We drove to a winery (Cantina Stefanoni). The lady let us roam around but without a reservation no tasting. That was a bummer. Somewhat unique locals would come in with an empty container and buy wine by the liter. As we were winding up our stay the owner arrived with his dog. The dog attached Batei. I believe the owner was offering us a tasting to atone for his dog but we decided to move on. By the while we were enjoying Monday in Montefiascone Pepper was hanging out with Boomer (in box). I believe our next stop was lunch at Borgo Antico da Claudio. We started with a cheese sampler with honey and something else. Would not have that again. Then several different types of pasta that we shared. Do not remember if we had dolci. Claudio had no problem with Batei being with us. Would go back again. After lunch we drove to the high point of the town to look at the view. Then we drove to their house which is under renovation. They also have a place in Rome. They drove us to a train station that had a non stop to Rome. We got off at Tiburtina station and took the Metro to the apartment. I believe we had leftovers if anything that night.